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Lola Vintage Girls Straightening Cream/ Creme Alisante

Lola Vintage Girls Straightening Cream/ Creme Alisante

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Lola Vintage Girl straightening cream is a self-at-home treatment, 100% vegan, with powerful formula, enriched with Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Collagen, which works the pH of the strands through an acidic base, providing an impeccable smooth result, with intense shine and high nutrition of the strands. It can be used for curl relaxation, donating shine, malleability and intense defrizzing to hair.

At home Smoothing treatment

1 - Lola Vintage Girl is a straightening hair treatment? What is the chemical smoothing asset?

Lola Vintage Girl is a straightening cream and the result of it is not conditioned to raw material with smoothing power, but rather to a combination of them in its formulation.
In its formulation was combined Cisesthein HCL*, which is an alkaline agent (alkaline is high pH), and hyaluronic acid, aspartic and ascorbic (acid ic pH, therefore low), and this blend acquired an acidic pH, which allows with this action to reduce the volume or smooth delicately, while treating sensitized hair, with the utmost respect for hair fiber and consumer health.

To summarize the understanding: The action of volume reduction or smoothing is obtained from cisethain HCL combined at an acidic pH, which in turn derives in a structural amino acid with extraordinary affinity with the hair structure itself. The formulation of Lola Vintage Girls is also enriched with keratin, elastin and panthenol for a revitalizing effect.

- Cissthein HCL is a raw material used in the cosmetic industry to smooth curl hair.
- Glioxyl acid in the formula DOES NOT act as a straightening agent but rather a mere pH regulator. In ANVISA it is NOT allowed as a straightener and is allowed as a pH regulator.

2 - Lola Vintage Girl is Relaxation?

No. It is a free treatment of Thioglycolate, Guanidine, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Carbocysteine, Henê and Sodium. It offers a unique treatment with ingredients that rejuvenate, smooth and revitalize the yarns.

3 - Lola Vintage Girl straightens hair?

Depending on the application technique, porosity and texture of the hair, the results may vary. It is expected that 100% smoothing and treatment will be achieved. Lola Vintage Girl will leave hair with natural movement and amazing shine.

4 - Can Lola Vintage Girl be applied to any hair, even colored ones, or that have gone through chemical processes?

Yes, but with some care and restraints. It can be applied to any type of hair, even those colored or that have chemicals, provided that the recommended pause time between the application of our product and other chemicals is respected. Always do the strand test before application, because chemicals such as Thioglycolate, Ammonia, Guanidine, Henê, Sodium, etc., are not compatible with anything and therefore hair with these chemicals can suffer negative reactions, including fall.

Regarding coloring, it is important to have a break of at least 10 days before or after coloring and the application of our Lola Vintage Girl. Please be advised that in hair that is severely damaged and has lost elasticity, it is also highly recommended to take a wick test before proceeding to complete treatment.

5 - How is Lola Vintage Girl applied?
The Lola Vintage Girl treatment requires only a single product. It is applied to clean hair (no residue of creams or finishing products). The pause time must be respected according to the indicative table. After the break time, treatment is removed from the hair with water and shampoo and then uses a hairdryer, and ironing board to seal the cuticles.

6- After how long can I apply the coloring?
10 days before or 10 days after having done the Lola Vintage Girl treatment.


Ingredients are updated regularly. Always check your package label to ensure all ingredients are appropriate for your use.

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