Successful Referral Policy


Successful Referral Policy:

  1. Definition of Successful Referral: 

    A referral is considered successful within the Cisterli Loyalty Club when a brand new client, who has not previously made any purchases on Cisterli, completes their first purchase after being referred by an existing member of the loyalty program.
  2. Brand New Client Criteria: 

    A brand new client refers to an individual who has not previously created an account or made any purchases on Cisterli's platform. This distinction ensures that referrals are targeted towards expanding the customer base and attracting new members to the Cisterli Loyalty Club.
  3. First Purchase Requirement: 

    For a referral to be deemed successful, the brand new client must complete their first purchase on Cisterli's website. This purchase marks the initiation of their customer relationship with Cisterli and signifies their active participation within the loyalty program.
  4. Verification of Referral Success: 

    The successful completion of the first purchase by the referred brand new client will be verified by Cisterli's systems. Once the purchase is confirmed, the referring member will be eligible to receive the designated referral rewards as outlined in the Cisterli Loyalty Club program guidelines.
  5. Reward Distribution: 

    Upon verification of the successful referral, the referring member will receive the specified referral rewards, such as points or discounts, in accordance with the Cisterli Loyalty Club program terms and conditions. These rewards serve as incentives for members to actively participate in referring new clients to Cisterli.
  6. Exclusion of Previous Purchasers: 

    Referrals made to individuals who have previously created accounts or made purchases on Cisterli's platform will not be considered as successful referrals within the Cisterli Loyalty Club. This ensures that referral rewards are directed towards attracting genuinely new clients to the brand.
  7. Policy Enforcement: 

    Cisterli reserves the right to monitor and enforce this successful referral policy to maintain fairness and integrity within the Cisterli Loyalty Club. Any attempts to manipulate or abuse the referral system may result in the disqualification of referral rewards and potential termination of membership privileges.