the older sister. Typical undecided Libra with a touch of perfectionism. Married to Bruno and with a baby named Daniel (yes, like the sertanejo singer and Harry Potter actor).

Arrived in Australia in march of 2014 in Melbourne to study english, moved to Tasmania in 2017 and have been living in Hobart and loving to explore the Island home to the little Devils.

She is a confessed addicted to face creams and serums, loves going to bed with skin drenched in facial oil but also does a bit of skin cycling (mostly because she has so many products to try on and are next in line, but because the skin needs some rest and recovery time in between active ingredients).

Studying to be a skin specialist, to understand all about the active ingredients and skin to recommend the best product for your concern.


the younger sister. The hands on and the do-er, but also idealist Aquarius.

Arrived in Australia in 2016, fresh out of high school also to study english in Melbourne and don't wanna move anywhere else in the world.

Minimalist, she follows a simpler routine, because consistency is key. Moisturiser, sunscreen, clean, rinse, repeat (only no sunscreen for the night time, obviously) - with a Vitamin C serum for day time and chemical peel at night to treat and reduce chances of melasma.

Studying Business with major in Finance, the business mind of the pair, turning ideas into action.


The mom.
The mom that looks just like another sister. Kindness in person, the nurturing and compassionate typical Cancer. The one that taught Livia and Cintia that you need to look after yourself before you can care for others. 

Ci and Li, the sisterly love from Ci.ster.Li

People say that you create a business from something you love or something you miss and can't find in the market and that is exactly how and why Cisterli was created.