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Latte Tea Matcha Solid Shampoo 100g For weak and brittle hair

Latte Tea Matcha Solid Shampoo 100g For weak and brittle hair

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Intensive care that restores weak and brittle hair. Helps prevent split ends and breakage, and recovers the outer part of the hair strand making it stronger, softer, and healthier.

What I am: Shampoo in Paste rich in Matchá Butter and Coconut Vegetable Milk. My creamy texture is easy to apply with super delicate foam! With economical and biodegradable formula, you can use me 6 times* more than a conventional shampoo, besides being practical to be taken on trips or wherever you want.

What else you need to know: My formula has an intracuticular antioxidant action that reduces capillary fragility and rescans the density of the wires lost by frequent use of chemical and mechanical processes. I help avoid split ends and breakage by recovering the surface of the strand for noticeably softer and healthier hair.

Suggested use: Take a small amount with your hands and apply directly to wet hair. Massage and rinse. I'm easy to rinse, with less water and faster!

*100g shampoo in paste compared to 100 ml of conventional shampoo.

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