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Nativa SPA Plum Blossom (Flor de Ameixa) Body Lotion

Nativa SPA Plum Blossom (Flor de Ameixa) Body Lotion

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Nativa SPA Plum Blossom Body Lotion


Inspired by the exquisiteness of the delicate Plum Blossom, Nativa SPA Plum Blossom Deodorant Body Lotion will awaken your senses to offer a hydrated skin the whole day.

With light texture, That body lotion presents in its new formula the power of hydration through the purified quinoa drops.

To intensify the delicate and cozy aroma of Plum Blossom on the skin, the new formula has microcapsules of fragrance. Now you will enjoy your skin perfumed and for much longer.

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