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#pre-roder Egeo Dolce Body Spray Deodorant

#pre-roder Egeo Dolce Body Spray Deodorant

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Egeo Dolce Body Spray Deodorant 100ml Version 8 Pack

Practical to use, the Egeo Dolce Body Spray Deodorant provides the perfect amount of fragrance for the whole body. With deodorant action, it eliminates perspiration odors while spreading a delightful scent. As irresistible as a sweet treat, the body spray's fragrance features notes of marshmallow, raspberry ice cream, cotton candy, and vanilla. It comes in a compact bottle that can be easily carried anywhere, in a backpack or purse. Perfect for reapplying whenever you want and for daily use, it also offers a refill option to replenish its contents. Contains: 100ml

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