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Tododia Aclarar Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant

Tododia Aclarar Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant

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Tododia Aclarar Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant - 70 ml

Protects, brightens and keeps underarms dry

Live free and protected. With an exclusive formula that cares for the skin and maintains its natural hydration, Tododia Antiperspirant Roll-on Deodorants prevents stains on light and dark clothes and protects for 48 hours against the effects of sweat. 

The Tododia Aclarar Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant was developed to help the natural recovery and uniformity of skin tone, keeping your underarms dry, protected and visibly brighter in 30 days. Its exclusive formula contains a hydrating calendula extract.


  • High-performance Antitranspirant provides 48h of protection 
  • Prevent stains on light and dark clothes
  • Exclusive hydrating formula with vitamin E
  • Exclusive brightening technology prevents the darkening of underarm skin
  • Evens out and restores skin tone
  • Calming action reduces irritation and renews the skin
  • Vegan product
  • Fragrance: Floral


How to use:

Apply the Antiperspirant Roll-on deodorant straight to the underarm, rolling up and down gently. Wait for about 1 minute for the product to dry before putting clothes on. 

Contains: 70ml

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