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Detangle Cream Leave-in/ Creme Desembaraçante - Creoula

Detangle Cream Leave-in/ Creme Desembaraçante - Creoula

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Lola Cosmetics Creoula - Creme Desembaraçante - 500g


Creoula Detangle Cream facilitates combing and detangles coily and curly hair. It removes the knots without breaking the hair, returning softness and shine!

Made especially to help coily and curly girls to untangle their hair daily.

Suitable for: Curls 3C & 4ABC types

Why will you love?

  • Solar protection;
  • Thermal protection;
  • Daily use

Apply a small amount to clean, damp, and conditioned hair. Distribute throughout the hair, from length to ends. Comb to detangle the strands well. 

Result: Your curls are much more defined!

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