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*bazar* best before 05/25 Nativa SPA Shea Body Lotion

*bazar* best before 05/25 Nativa SPA Shea Body Lotion

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Nativa SPA Shea Body Lotion

The Nativa SPA Shea Body Lotion has Shea Butter as its main ingredient, which provides deep hydration and reduces skin dryness from the first use. Perfect for those who want hydrated day-to-day with attitude and confidence.

Purified Quinoa drops enhance hydration, increase collagen production and prevent the loss of skin elasticity. 



- Deep hydration;

- Deodorizes the skin;

- Results from the first application;

- Purified drops of Quinoa;

- Sophisticated Shea fragrance;

- Increases collagen production;


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