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Spray Antifrizz Liso, Leve and Solto / Smooth, Light & Loose

Spray Antifrizz Liso, Leve and Solto / Smooth, Light & Loose

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Lola Cosmetics Liso, Leve and Solto - Spray Antifrizz - 200ml



What I am: I am a Smooth and Antifrizz Prolonging Spray for Natural, Smoothed or Wannabe Loletes and Lolitos.

What I do: Enhance the long-lasting smooth effect. I protect the heat wires of the dryer and flat iron, with visible reduction of frizz that insists on staying! #FicaDica: I'm thermoactivated, so dryer and flat iron give a super up in the treatment. But you can rest assured that I protect your hair at this time. #FicaDica2: I am a continuous use line, that is, the more you use me, the more I align your threads.

*Suggested Use: After the Shampoo and Mask Smooth, Light and Loose, vaporize me on the damp strands, from root to tips. Finish with the dryer, flat iron or let it dry naturally. For amazing results, use the full Smooth, Light and Loose collection.

Ingredients are updated regularly. Always check your package label to ensure all ingredients are appropriate for your use.

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