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Mystery Box

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Unlock Beauty's Mysteries: Our Enchanting Mystery Box



Experience the excitement of discovering carefully curated products to enhance confidence and self-expression. Valued at $150-$200, indulge in this alluring opportunity for just $100. Unlock the secrets of beauty and embark on a radiant journey of self-care and indulgence.


To personalize your Mystery Box experience, please provide the following details in the "Order Special Instructions" field during checkout:

  1. Skin Type:
    Let us know if your skin is oily, dry, combination, sensitive, or normal. This will help us select suitable skincare products tailored to your needs.
  2. Hair Type:
    Specify whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or coily/kinky. This information will guide us in choosing appropriate hair care products for your hair texture and type.
  3. Fragrance Preferences:
    Indicate the types of fragrances you enjoy, such as floral, sweet, fresh/clean, warm/spicy, or woody scents. This will ensure we include perfumes or body mists that align with your olfactory preferences.

If you have any other specific preferences, allergies, or considerations you'd like us to keep in mind while curating your personalized Mystery Box, please provide those details as well.

Rest assured, our team of experts will thoughtfully select products that cater to your unique preferences, ensuring a delightful and tailored unboxing experience.

If you choose not to provide any personalization details in the "Order Special Instructions" field, we will curate your Mystery Box based on our expert judgment, ensuring a well-rounded and indulgent selection of beauty treasures.

Mystery Box Policy

Our enchanting Mystery Boxes are designed to provide an exciting element of surprise and delight. However, due to the nature of these offerings, we have implemented the following policy:

Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable
All Mystery Box purchases are final sale and cannot be returned, exchanged, or credited under any circumstances. By placing an order for a Mystery Box, you acknowledge and agree to this policy.

Contents May Vary
The contents of each Mystery Box are carefully curated but may vary from box to box. We cannot guarantee specific items or product types within the boxes.

No Substitutions or Modifications
Mystery Boxes are pre-packaged and cannot be customized, substituted, or modified in any way.

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