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Máscara de Reconstrução - Be(m)dita Ghee Papaya Reconstruction Hair Mask

Máscara de Reconstrução - Be(m)dita Ghee Papaya Reconstruction Hair Mask

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Lola Cosmetics Be(m)dita Ghee Papaya e Queratina Vegetal - Máscara de Reconstrução - 100g /350g


Ghee (Me) - Reconstruction - Papaya

Be(M)dita Ghee Papaya & Keratin Vegetal Reconstruction Hair Mask from Lola Cosmetics is organic and vegan that returns strengthen, resistance, and malleability of the strands.

Indicated: For brittle and weak hair.

• Ideal for capillary schedule
• Released to Low and No Poo
• Fragrance of essential oils
• Texture ready for application, no need to heat

Active Ingredients:
• Papaya plant assets, amino acids, and vegetable keratin: which are remineralized and restore the hair fiber from the inside out, leaving the strands stronger and more resistant.
• Coconut water: Rich in amino acids, provides softness and softness to the strands.

How to Use: Use from 2 to 3 teaspoons, apply to hands, emulsify to spread, and apply length to tips, right after shampoo of your choice, avoid applying directly to the root. Let it act for three to five minutes. Remove all excess. It is not necessary to conditionering. Use weekly or when the process of rebuilding the wires is necessary. The amount varies according to the volume and length of your hair.


Ingredients are updated regularly. Always check your package label to ensure all ingredients are appropriate for your use.

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