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*sale Refill Bendito Cacto Refreshing Body Lotion

*sale Refill Bendito Cacto Refreshing Body Lotion

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Cuide-se Bem Bendito Cacto Refreshing Body Lotion

Do you know those days that make us dizzy from so much heat and the skin begs for relief and freshness? It was thinking about them that Cuide-se Bem Bendito Cacto brings a light and cold texture to this lotion, promoting a refreshing hydration. With Cactus Water, it is everything your skin needs, after all, it also feels thirsty.

Just apply the moisturizing lotion all over your body during your daily self-care ritual or whenever you like. And to feel more refreshing, try storing it in the fridge and feel the texture even cooler on your skin. Perfect for sending the heat away!

Cuide-se Bem Bendito Cacto: hidratação refrescante para perfumar a pele e aliviar sensação de calor!


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