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Ghee Blessed Hair Mask Kit - Capillary Schedule/ Cronograma Capilar

Ghee Blessed Hair Mask Kit - Capillary Schedule/ Cronograma Capilar

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Blessed Ghee Hair Mask Kit (Capillary Schedule Kit Hydration, Nutrition & Reconstruction) 

Kit de cronograma capilar para cabelos ressecados e quebradiços. Kit Lola Cosmetics Cronograma Capilar Be(M)dita Ghee repõe nutrientes e resgata a força, além de hidratar profundamente. 

Be(M)dita Ghee Banana & Aloe Vera Hydration Hair Mask is a Moisturizing Hair Mask, fruit vegetable, organic and vegan that returns the natural moisture of the yarn brings softness and shine. A hair mask that returns the natural moisture, softness, and shine of the strands!

Suitable for: For opaque, dry, and lifeless hair.

Be(M)dita Ghee Papaya & Keratin Vegetal Reconstruction Hair Mask from Lola Cosmetics is organic and vegan that returns strengthen, resistance, and malleability of the strands.

Indicated: For brittle and weak hair.

Be(M)dita Ghee Pineapple & Bacuri Butter Nutrition Hair Mask is a Nutrition Hair Mask, organic and vegan that returns nutrients and provides the body and softness strands. A super product that returns the nutrients, body, and softness of the strands!

Suitable for: For thin and pore hair, Nutrition stage of the capillary schedule

Every time you will wash your hair you have to use one of these Deep Hair Mask. Follow the Schedule Pictures according to your hair healthy.

  1. Apply a good Shampoo to damp hair. Massage gently throughout the hair. Rinse well
  2. Remove the water excess with a 100% Cotton Hair Towel
  3. Apply Deep Hair Mask to clean and damp hair.
  4. Distribute throughout the hair length avoiding the hair roots or scalp.
  5. Let it act for 10 min for a deep & intense treatment o 3 min for a quick repair.
  6. Rinse the product thoroughly with water
  7. Apply the same range of Shampoo, Conditioner throughout the hair length. Rinse well.
  8. Style as desired

 Ingredients are updated regularly. Always check your package label to ensure all ingredients are appropriate for your use.

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