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Nativa SPA Orchid Noire (Orquídea Noire) Body Lotion

Nativa SPA Orchid Noire (Orquídea Noire) Body Lotion

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Nativa SPA Orquídea Noire Body Lotion

Nativa Spa Orchid Noire Moisturizing Body Deodorant Lotion transforms your night into a moment of complete care with hydrated skin, a striking fragrance, and an explosion of sensuality, in a powerful treatment that works on your skin while you sleep.

The secret of the fragrance lies in the sensuality carried by the Orchid Noire, an iconic flower that brings the mystery of the night and delivers an exotic and sensual woody floral fragrance, lasting all night so your skin wakes up scented.

With 94% natural ingredients, it contains a powerful ally, Quinoa Oil, which accelerates skin cell renewal overnight and stimulates collagen production.

Discover all the benefits:

  • Accelerates the process of skin cell renewal during sleep;
  • Restores 57% of skin hydration overnight;
  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness;
  • The fragrance lasts all night, so you wake up scented.

The result provided by this night body moisturizing lotion is nourished, soft, smooth skin with a renewed appearance.

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