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*bazar* best before 01/25 Tododia Body Splash Macadâmia

*bazar* best before 01/25 Tododia Body Splash Macadâmia

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Tododia Body Splash Macadâmia 200ml

Surprise yourself with Tododia's sweet and fruity fragrance.

A fresh flowery fragrance that makes its presence felt. The top pineapple and bergamot notes are balanced with a body of peony, jasmine and pear which bring a unique aspect to the creation. The background is enhanced by the intensity of the cedar, musk, and sweet notes. This mixture brings a feeling of well-being.

The Body Splash Deodorant Cologne by Tododia is an invitation to dress your body with a light perfume. Tododia seeks inspiration in the combination of surprising notes, translated into irresistible fragrances. Feelings of freshness and lightness, add the final touch to everyday care. On top of that, it complements your routine with gentle skin hydration.


• Light and refreshing perfume
• Fragrance that surprises: authentic and attractive with sweet floral notes;
• Light skin hydration: maintains skin hydration throughout the day;
• Highly natural formula: 95% natural ingredients.

 Usage Tips

Delight yourself by applying abundant sprays on the wrists, neck, cleavage, behind the ear, and wherever else you want (except the face) to relive the pleasant sensation of a fresh shower. It's even worth making that cloud of spray and getting involved with that floral fragrance. Reapply whenever you want to renew that feeling.


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