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Ekos Pure Vegetable Soap Bar - Creamy

Ekos Pure Vegetable Soap Bar - Creamy

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Ekos Pure Vegetable Soap Bar - Creamy - 4un of 100g

Natura Ekos soaps are made in the heart of the Amazon, using 100% plant-based oils. Their rich, creamy lather leaves your skin soft and delicately scented.



 Made with 100% vegetable oils, Natura Ekos Sopa Bars hydrate,  Feitos com óleos 100% vegetais, os sabonetes de Natura Ekos hidratam, perfumam e promovem a sensação de bem-estar;

 100% free from animal fats;

 All Natura soaps are efficient against viruses and bacteria.

 Rich in glycerin.

Contains: 4 Creamy Soap Bars (1 andiroba, 1 castanha, 1 maracujá and 1 ucuuba) of 100g each.


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