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Baby Soap Bar Mamãe e Bebê

Baby Soap Bar Mamãe e Bebê

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Baby Soap Bar Box Mamãe e Bebê

Box of 1, 2 or 5 un of 100g each

 Care and affection from the first day of life.

 The bath, that big daily baby care time that helps to strengthen love even more. The soap bar soap's vegan formula contains just the essentials to gently and gently cleanse your baby's sensitive skin. It doesn't dry out the skin and is so safe that it can be used from the first bath.


  • 100% safe formula, can be used from the first day of life;
  • Tested and approved by pediatricians;
  • Gentle cleaning;
  • Keeps baby's skin moisturized;
  • Vegan product;
  • Only with the essentials for the baby's sensitive skin;
  • 97% natural and biodegradable ingredients;
  • Smooth and safe perfume;
  • Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested;
  • No controversial ingredients.
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