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Sève Amêndoas Doces Shower Oil

Sève Amêndoas Doces Shower Oil

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Sève Amêndoas Doces Shower Oil - 200ml

Amêndoas Doces = Sweet Almond
Enriched with Almond Oil, Sève Amêndoas Doces Shower Oil enhances the skin's natural shine, leaving it soft and hydrated, all day. Its exclusive formula with 100% vegetable oil, protects the entire body, leaving a Sensual and mysterious fragrance, full of femininity.

It moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier, creating a film to help provide your skin with natural protection against daily aggressions. Ultra-practical, shower oil is a quick moisturizing ritual to add to your self-care routine.
How to use: after cleansing your skin, apply to damp skin, massaging in with circular movements. Enjoy this moment of connection with your body, feel the delicate pressure of your hands on your skin and the aromatic scent that perfumes the air. Finally, rinse the skin to remove excess oil. Dry the skin gently with a towel, without rubbing. Your skin is protected, velvety and fragrant for the day!
  • Smooth and hydrated skin for 24 hours
  • Restores the skin's natural barrier
  • Fights dryness and enhances the skin's natural glow
  • Exclusive classic fragrance
  • Forms a protective film.
  • Bottle 100% reclycled
  • Refillable product

Contains: 200ml


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