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Ekos Eau de Toilette Castanha Frescor

Ekos Eau de Toilette Castanha Frescor

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Ekos Eau de Toilette Castanha Frescor 

Enriched with Brazilian essential oils, Natura Ekos Frescores fragrances invite you to discover stories from the richest garden on the planet.

 Let Frescor Ekos  Castanha envelop you in its tender embrace. Its wonderfully pleasant fragrance combines the freshness of freshly picked fruit with the comfort and warmth of Castanha milk on a musky base. This perfume takes you on an  olfactory journey to the heart of the Amazon.

Olfactory family aromatic oriental 


Instructions for use:

For a natural and long-lasting effect,  spray the  perfume on   wrists neck  or behind  your  ears




The Castanha, or Brazil nut, is the fruit of a tree called the castanheira. Magnificent and abundant, it is seen as the king of the forest. The nuts used in our products are harvested by two traditional communities: RECA in the Rondônia region and Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Rio Iratapuru in the Pará region, where we find the largest areas of castanheiras in the Amazon. It is harvested according to the principles of sustainable forest management and is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Once harvested, these nuts are traditionally grated and pressed into a nutritious milk which is the staple food of Amazonian communities. An oil with emollient properties is also extracted from the Castanha, which is used in the Ekos Castanha line.
Natura Ekos was inspired by the traditional knowledge of the Castanha, passed on by the Iratapuru community. 


Content Regular or Refill: 150ml


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