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Nativa SPA Ameixa Multifunctional Glorious Oil (Plum)

Nativa SPA Ameixa Multifunctional Glorious Oil (Plum)

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Nativa SPA Ameixa Multifunctional Glorious Oil (Plum) 85ml

The Nativa SPA Ameixa Multifunctional Glorious Oil (Plum) delivers a versatile product for your routine, with its powerful treatment combined with an explosion of fragrance. Its amazing formula in a dry oil texture leaves the skin glowing and nourished while increasing the radiance of the hair, providing softness and reduced breakage, in addition to benefits such as:


- Increases up to 77% the production of collagen in the skin;

- Increases hair shine by 131%;

- Increased elasticity and firmness of the skin;

- Leaves the skin with a glowing appearance;

- Deep skin nourishment for up to 24 hours;

-Improves the skin barrier while moisturizing;

-Reduces hair breakage by 77%, preventing hair loss;

-Dry touch and fast absorption. It doesn't leave the skin sticky or the hair oily.


A burst of fragrance from Plum, a potent scent you already know and love. Your vegan formula has the exclusive Quinoa Oil, which stimulates up to 77% of the production of collagen on the skin while assisting in regeneration, improving its firmness and elasticity. 

Óleo Glorioso Nativa Spa O Boticário

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