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#pre-order Lip Tint Coral Intense Bob Esponja

#pre-order Lip Tint Coral Intense Bob Esponja

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Our pre-order policy allows you to reserve and purchase items before they become available in stock. Pre-ordering signifies a commitment to purchase, with payment collected upfront. Delivery times for pre-ordered items may take up to 8 weeks, subject to potential delays. Mixed orders containing pre-order and in-stock items will be shipped together upon availability. Once a pre-order is placed, cancellations are not allowed. However, our customer service team is available to assist with any issues or defects upon receipt of the item.

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Are you ready, botilovers?

We are, captain!

As Patrick would say: "the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma."

Intense SpongeBob discovered the secret formula combining delicious textures with a pineapple-inspired scent¹ and the beloved characters from the bottom of the sea. Inspired by his high spirits, the Intense SpongeBob Coral Lip Tint Patrick Star has arrived in limited edition to be part of your makeup bag and deliver a natural and fun look for lips and cheeks!

Check out the benefits of this lip tint:

  • Multifunctional formula (could this be the secret formula of the Krabby Patty?)
  • Provides a healthy look for lips and cheeks;
  • Lightweight texture;
  • Easy to spread and build layers;
  • Coral color.
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