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Boticollection Innamorata Woman Desodorante Colônia

Boticollection Innamorata Woman Desodorante Colônia

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Boticollection Innamorata Woman Desodorante Colônia 100ml

Innamorata Eau de Toilette for Women is a feminine fragrance that has an authentic combination of white flowers like Jasmine, enriched with the comforting notes of Musk, making a powerful floral bouquet that has a delicacy for any occasion and any day. This beloved fragrance comes in a bottle shaped like Boticário's iconic amphora bottle, a classic for your collection.


Pirâmide Olfativa

As notas de topo são: Camomila, Frutas e Cássia. As notas de coração são: Tuberosa, Jasmim, Narciso e Lírio-do-Vale. As notas de fundo são: Almíscar e Sândalo.
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